Jeeps are popular here in Utah. With over 50,000 vehicles on KSL Cars to browse, Jeep Wranglers are among the most searched, especially in the Rubicon trim. Capable of going deep into the boonies, scaling steep trails, trudging through mud and making impassable areas passable, the Rubicon offers robust features that make it one of the most confident off-roading vehicles on the market.

Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Comes Ready To Roll-min

Credit: Stellantis North America

Let’s be clear: Regardless of what trim level of Wrangler you buy, you’re driving an off-road focused machine that is more capable than most SUVs. But the Jeep Rubicon sets itself apart in the details. 

Premium Standard Features

Whether you take your Jeep off the beaten path or not, the Rubicon offers a substantial upgrade over the base Wrangler Sport. Some of those premium factory features include: 

  • 33-inch all-terrain tires
  • Electronic front and rear locking differentials
  • Electronic front sway bar disconnect
  • Off-road mode
Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Comes Ready To Roll

Credit: Stellantis North America

The upgrades make the Rubicon $10,000 more than the Sport. Whether the price premium and upgrades are worth it is up to you. But one thing is clear: If you want a factory-tuned off-roading monster that’s ready to go on day one, the Rubicon is an obvious choice. 

Off-Road Capability

Where the base Wrangler Sport is a capable off-roader in its own right, the Rubicon takes that already great platform and transforms it into something mind-blowing. Backed by Jeep’s warranty, you won’t have to worry about modifying or voiding your coverage, even if taken off-road.

Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Comes Ready To Roll

Credit: Stellantis North America

If you want a vehicle to take you anywhere, the Jeep Rubicon is it. Features like the Rock Trak four-wheel drive system, locking differentials, low-gear transfer case, sway bar disconnects, an inch higher ride height and optional 35-inch tires make the Rubicon a compelling entry into the extreme off-road vehicle segment.

Worth It

Given the demand for Rubicons and the pre-packaged off-road goodies, they’ll likely hold their value better than any other Jeep trim. If you can afford one, you should buy it. While the Sport and Rubicon have many similarities, their differences are impressive enough to justify the price premium the latter commands.

Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Comes Ready To Roll

Credit: Stellantis North America

The Rubicon is the most capable Wrangler model in the Jeep lineup and can make a hero out of even the most novice off-roader, all with a factory warranty backing it up. Find Jeep Rubicons for sale on KSL Cars.

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