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Change is good. Get yourself a different car … and still have some money left for gas. These makes and models are reasonably priced below $15K (with a few exceptions) and guaranteed to get you excited about driving again.

2012-2016 Ford Fiesta ST

It’s party time! Sharp handling makes this generation’s Fiesta ST one of the most fun compact cars you can buy, especially for the money. 

2013-2018 Ford Fusion

A spacious midsize sedan loaded with technology, Ford Fusion is a great alternative to the standard Accord and Camry recommendations. A hybrid model is also available, which made our list of vehicles under $20,000.

2014-2018 Kia Soul

This boxy hatchback with lots of head/leg room is ideal for tall buyers on a somewhat short budget. Kia Soul was redesigned in 2014, adding more cargo capacity and improving the interior. 

2016-2018 Honda Fit 

For $15,000 you can get a Honda Fit less than five years old. It’s a great value for the money and will likely last longer than your New Year’s resolution to get fit. 

2010-2014 Volkswagen GTI 

This hot hatchback is loaded with practical features and comfortable seats, making it one of the best daily drivers you can buy (as long as you’re OK with slightly higher maintenance costs). 

Shop KSL Cars to find more reasonable rides, including Kia Cadenza. Though it didn’t make this list, it is worthy of an honorable mention.