From commuter cars to classics, privately sold vehicles are an integral part of KSL Cars. Sometimes the best deals and dream cars are in our neighbors’ driveways, and we believe private buyers and sellers deserve just as much protection as those who buy from the dealership. That’s why we’re introducing our new vehicle protection program, Protect With KSL Confidence. 

Increase Buyer Trust by Using Protect With KSL Confidence

What Is a Vehicle Protection Program?

Well, if you’re wondering how to sell a car fast, it might be the thing that closes your sale. A VPP is a written agreement that covers the cost of qualifying car repairs and helps give drivers peace of mind when purchasing a new or used vehicle. VPPs like Protect With KSL Confidence ensure that unexpected repairs won’t keep drivers off the road or break the bank if a problem comes along. 

When you add Protect to your listing, the contract will transfer to the new owner. The owner will receive Protect’s standard 30-day coverage package, with the opportunity to add different levels of coverage afterwards. Even with Protect’s basic package, potential buyers will be covered for expensive repairs, have access to 24/7 roadside assistance and get rental coverage while their car’s in the shop. Plus, Protect is accepted nationwide, so repairs will be available on even their longest road trips.

Adding Protect to Your Listing Increases Trust With Buyers 

Increase Buyer Trust by Using Protect With KSL Confidence

Not all sellers are created equally, and many buyers are hesitant to purchase from private sellers due to the perceived lack of confidence in privately sold vehicles. Set yourself apart from the crowd by adding Protect and backing your vehicle with guaranteed service. 

More trust means quicker sales and more cash in your pocket. Increase buyer confidence and sell your vehicle with professional grade coverage from Protect


KSL Confidence is rolling out in stages. Protect and Finance are available exclusively in Utah County at this time, but will be available in other geographic regions soon.