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It’s no secret that Utah has the largest average household size in the entire United States. But Idaho, Arizona and Nevada also rank in the top 10%. When your own party of two turns into a party of three, four or (gasp!) more, look to these vehicles to comfortably accommodate your growing family. 

hyundai palisade

Photo Credit: Hyundai Newsroom

Hyundai Palisade

A midsize SUV with three rows of seating, the luxurious Palisade is surprisingly roomy and comfortable. Even bulky car seats are easy to get in and out of the cabin. Underfloor storage keeps large items out of the way, while a variety of other compartments stash the small stuff. 

Toyota Highlander

While not as visually appealing as some of the other options on this list, the well-built Highlander can’t be ignored for its family-hauling capabilities. It seats seven or eight depending on the trim level. Get it in hybrid form — you’ll thank us later. 

Honda Passport

As Honda Pilot’s sportier sibling, the Passport is spiced up with some legitimate off-road capabilities. Combined with multiple sets of latch connectors and high safety ratings, it’s easy to understand why this model is our pick in Honda’s SUV lineup.

2021 Ford Explorer

Photo Credit: Ford Media Center

Ford Explorer

With the current generation of Explorer, Ford finally got back to its roots as a rear-wheel-drive bias platform that is enjoyable to drive. It looks great, sounds great and is loaded with safety features. Plenty of cargo space inside the cabin rounds out the family-friendly design of this midsize SUV.  

Toyota Sienna

Any model year is a solid buy, but newer Siennas boast leg rests and intuitive infotainment to keep older kids comfortably and quietly occupied on long road trips. Have younger children? Depending on the cabin configuration, four or five complete sets of lower anchors and tethers for car seats offer endless seating possibilities.

Find these and other great vehicles for your growing family on KSL Cars. Interested in electric vehicles? Check out the family-friendly Mustang Mach-E Premium. It made our list of EVs ideal for Utah driving.