People may get harder to shop for as they age — but not car lovers. They never tire of all things automotive, no matter how old they are. And while it’s easy to shop the latest bestselling products, they likely already have them. Besides, T-shirts wear thin, cleaning products run out and those tree shaped fresheners eventually lose their scent. Memories, however, last a lifetime. With that in mind, consider these gifts of experiences for the car enthusiasts on your list. 

Drive a Lotus

Utahns are fortunate to have easy access to Utah Motorsports Campus, the world-class, state-of-the-art motorsports venue in Grantsville. In fact, it’s almost a one-stop-shop for experience gifts — half of the suggestions on this list are based at the facility. Here’s the first one: Try the Lotus driving experience. Going from zero to 60 mph in 3.8 seconds in a Lotus Evora GT is sure to get the adrenaline pumping and will be a favorite memory for years to come. 

Experiences are the Best Gifts for Car Enthusiasts

Take a Spin

For another crowd pleaser at UMC, try the karting experience. Race the fastest go-karts in the state at Utah’s longest kart track. Better yet, invite your friends and turn it into a party. Anyone aged 10 and older may drive the karts.

Experiences are the Best Gifts for Car Enthusiasts

Test Your Skills

Speeding to your heart’s content without worrying about red and blue lights flashing behind you? It’s every driver’s dream. There’s a good chance your car enthusiast has fantasized about what it might be like to burn some rubber on a world-class race course à la Christian Bale in “Ford vs. Ferrari.” If so, definitely check out UMC’s Amateur Track Days. You can choose from three options: beginner, advanced and autocross. 

Experiences are the Best Gifts for Car Enthusiasts

The beginner session is for track newbies who just want a little practice driving in a car they’re already comfortable with. Sessions last one hour and safety is the top priority. Advanced sessions shift things up a few gears and allow you to run five continuous laps with other cars, only passing in predetermined areas. The advanced experience is for drivers who’ve completed five beginner sessions. The autocross option lets you test your skills on a professionally set up driving course, where you decide how fast you want to go.

Rent an Exotic Car

Experiences are the Best Gifts for Car Enthusiasts

Perhaps you don’t have sufficient funds to own a Ferrari, Porsche, Bentley or Corvette C8. But you can rent one. Onyx Rentals offers daily, weekly and monthly exotic car rentals in Utah, with a full fleet of fancy vehicles to choose from.

Experiences are the Best Gifts for Car Enthusiasts

Take a Jeep Tour

The best way to experience Moab is by crawling over the red rocks and sandstone in a guided Jeep tour. If you haven’t tried this before (and even if you have), sign up as soon as possible — these trips sell out quickly. 

Experiences are the Best Gifts for Car Enthusiasts

Go on an Everyday Driver Adventure

Die-hard car fans are likely familiar with “Everyday Driver,” the popular YouTube channel that’s amassed a sizable following since its debut in 2007. (A bulk of the footage is shot right here in Utah.) Instead of focusing on the latest bells and whistles in the fanciest cars, hosts Todd Deeken and Paul Schmucker are all about finding the joy in everyday driving. Part of that includes regular meetups and adventures with fans across the country, which would be a great gift for any car enthusiast. 

Experiences are the Best Gifts for Car Enthusiasts

But if you’re looking for the ultimate surprise, consider signing up for the annual pilgrimage. It’s a true bucket list trip that takes motorists of all skill levels through the European countryside, including the famous German Nürburgring track. Registration usually opens in the spring.

Get a Gift Card

It may sound like the classic cop-out present, but a gift card might be the perfect option if your friend, significant other or family member’s schedule is difficult to pin down. UMC sells gift cards so the recipient can decide which experience they’d like best and when. It’s thoughtful, flexible and fast. 

Buy That Dream Car

This one truly swings for the fence — but if you can pull it off, you’ve got a grand slam: Buy their dream car. Just because it’s a dream doesn’t mean it’s expensive. Maybe an older Jeep Wrangler or a Mazda Miata from the ‘90s has always been on the wish list. Search KSL Cars, where you might find a smoking good deal on such beloved vehicles. It’s safe to say, yours will be the favorite present at the birthday party.

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