Pickups are the favorite type of vehicle out here in the West, according to Autoweek, a fact you can easily verify anytime you’re driving down the highways. Don’t have a truck yet? No worries, you can find the model you’re looking for — be it a truck, a compact or something in between — on KSL Cars. When you buy a vehicle, you’ll need to register it. Here is how to transfer a car title in Wyoming.


When you purchase a vehicle from a private seller, you are responsible for transferring the title into your name. To do this, you must present a few documents to your county clerk’s office.

Title information

When you purchase a vehicle, the previous owner should give you the original title. Take a couple of minutes to verify all the information is accurate.

  • Odometer mileage matches the vehicle
  • VIN on the title matches the plate on the driver door and vehicle dashboard
  • Title is signed by all owners and notarized
  • Buyer’s name and address are written on back
  • Purchase date is correct
  • Sale price is correct


To register your vehicle in Wyoming, you will need to pay a title fee of $15 and a VIN inspection fee of $10. Sales tax — based on the price written on the bill of sale — is due within 65 days of purchase. The county clerk will not release the new title until the sales tax is paid.

Transfer an out-of-state title

If you purchased a vehicle outside of Wyoming, the required title transfer documents are the same as an in-state private sale. In addition, you will need an Out of State VIN Inspection form completed by a law enforcement officer.

Title transfer without title

If the original title is lost, badly damaged or destroyed, the seller may apply for a duplicate title for $15. If no title can be found, the seller may complete an Affidavit of Ownership. Along with a complete description of the vehicle, they will need to explain why no title is available. The seller must also provide a notarized bill of sale.

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