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The sedan. It’s the quintessential image of a vehicle: four doors and a separate trunk. The word itself dates back to the 17th century, when a posh person was carried aloft in a chair supported by two long poles and some burly men. For comfort, ease of control and safety, sedans remain a sweet way to travel. Attesting to that truth, there are millions on the road today. 

Sedans come in many sizes and many price points, giving you a slew of options to find your perfect car. In fact there are nearly 10,000 sedans listed on KSL Cars right now. How to choose the best one to buy? How to choooose…? We break down the benefits of each model size, so you can pick the one that best fits who, what and where you’re driving.

three women driving in a car


Subcompacts of yesteryear were pretty snug for passengers, but today they are more akin to early compacts and can comfortably fit four adults — five if they’re relatively small (like tween size).

Going Solo 

Probably most appealing for those driving solo or with a couple of friends. This subcompact is the most affordable sedan, making it a good starter car for a new driver, college student or someone just wanting an economical set of wheels.

City Slickers 

Subcompacts work well for commuters and those who do a lot of city driving. The diminutive size makes it easy to zip in and out of traffic and into tight parking spots, handy when the Utah Jazz are playing.

Keep On Savin’ 

Typically these cars are reasonably fuel efficient. Recent model years of the Chevy SparkHyundai Accent  and Kia Rio each have an estimated 33 combined city/highway mpg. The Nissan Versa is close behind with 32 mpg. Meanwhile, Mitsubishi Mirage rounds out the small pack with an estimated 39 mpg combined.

There are additional pluses for budget seekers. Many 2022 models start around $17,000. Also, a smaller MSRP usually equates to lower insurance and repair costs.

a family sitting in a sedan


Compact sedans have about 20 more cubic feet of interior space than their smaller counterparts. This means more room for your growing family or a date-night with friends. Typically, compacts can fit five average-sized adults, but it’s still probably more comfortable with only four.

Commutes and Kids

These are popular among commuters and easily double as an affordable option for families with younger children. It may be the best sedan size if you need room for a couple of large car seats. 

Small and Savvy

A compact is a solid choice if you’re taking Interstate 15 daily and want to cut down on gas station visits. And, you still have the advantage of fitting into small parking spots easily.

Miles and Miles

Compacts are designed with more legroom, headroom and trunk space. There are some noteworthy highway gas mileage numbers, too. The 2022 Hyundai Elantra and Volkswagen Jetta hover around an estimated 40 mpg highway. Both the Honda Civic and Toyota Corolla are close behind.

There are several 2022 models in the lower $20,000 range. If you can afford a little more luxury, higher end options include the Audi 3 and BMW 4 Series.

two women driving a sedan


Like the name suggests, this sedan is a happy medium. There’s more leg and head room than compacts, and a much larger trunk space. The cars can fit five adults fairly comfortably.

Not Middle of the Road

Not too big — or too small — it’s an everyday car fitting for just about any basic travel need. If you need a trusty family hauler, whether pets or people, this size allows plenty of room for everyone. 

Either Here or There

Whether making a grocery store run, commuting to work or taking a sojourn through Zion National Park, a midsize sedan takes it all in stride. There’s room for gear in the trunk, passengers in the back seat and navigators in the front.

Cars, Cars, Cars

This may be the largest sedan segment, with nearly 50 car makes rolling off the line in 2022. Even better, many are under $30,000, including the Subaru Legacy, Nissan Altima, Honda Accord, Toyota Camry, Hyundai Sonata and Kia K5.

Midsize sedans are generally responsive like a smaller car, but also roomy like a full-size — the best of both worlds. Plus, there’s the midrange sticker price.

a white sedan driving down a road


The most generous ride you can get for your buck, the full-size sedan is the largest car both inside and out. 

Five for Five

A full-size sedan comfortably seats five, so there’s enough room for families with older teens and adults. Or, drive your carpool clan in comfort as you cruise the Express Lane around the Point of the Mountain.

Day Trippin’

If you take long road trips, or have long legs, a full-size sedan gives you room to stretch out. There’s enough space in the backseat for bodies, books and all those handheld electronics. Also, there’s typically loads of trunk space, so you can fit in your suitcases as well as all the treasures you find along the way. 

Drive Like You Mean It

More horsepower found in full-size sedans means cruising up canyons as easily as driving along the coast. For instance, the Chrysler 300 and Dodge Charger both rock a Hemi V8. 

Full-size sedans often have a smoother, quieter ride than smaller cars, and include a slew of standard features. If you don’t want to pay luxury car prices, you can pick up a newer Toyota Avalon or Nissan Maxima for under $40,000.

Why Buy a Sedan?

Reasonable sticker price? Check. Solid fuel efficiency? Check. Safe? Yep. What’s not to love? Search KSL Cars or the KSL Classifieds App for the best sedan to buy and the price that fits your budget. And when you’re ready to move on to the next size, sell your pre-owned car there, too.