After more than 90 years of gorgeous design work on some of the world’s most iconic cars, Italian design house Pininfarina is producing its own vehicles. The now manufacturer has already begun production on its limited run of the 1,877 horsepower electric hypercar, the Battista, and has plans to release a new electric vehicle each year for the next four years. 

Legendary car designer Pininfarina opens dealership in Utah

Automobili Pininfarina in Utah

Salt Lake City Motorcars, the Utah home for luxury and exotic brands such as Lamborghini, Bentley and Rimac, is now the 11th retail partner for Automobili Pininfarina in North America. The exotic and luxury car market has grown significantly here since the arrival of Salt Lake City Motorcars in 2021, and Gösta Henning, chief sales officer of Automobili Pininfarina, has noticed. 

Legendary car designer Pininfarina opens dealership in Utah

“Salt Lake City is fast becoming a vital location for technological innovation and investment — a perfect fit for Automobili Pininfarina and the Battista hyper GT. This masterpiece of Italian design is the very pinnacle of performance and luxury, with its sophisticated electric powertrain and unprecedented power. We have made a fantastic start in North America with the Battista, and we look forward to building momentum in an extremely important region through our collaboration with Automobili Pininfarina Salt Lake City,” he said.

Dealer principal Tom Buckley is likewise enthusiastic about this new partnership with the brand and its fit for the Utah market. “We are excited to be appointed as the retail partner for Automobili Pininfarina in this part of the U.S. The region is embracing rapid technological innovation and the arrival of Automobili Pininfarina Salt Lake City comes at an exciting time for Utah,” he said.

Legendary car designer Pininfarina opens dealership in Utah

Indeed, the Utah market is primed for the arrival of Pininfarina. In an interview with KSL Cars, Buckley said that since day one, the showroom floors have rarely remained silent. Lamborghini sales, for instance, are all pre-sold more than two years out. 

Record-setting first effort

While it may be the new kid on the EV hypercar block, the Automobili Pininfarina Battista is already setting records. Each Battista is a stunning combination of carbon fiber, luxurious materials and immense electrical power. In its most exhilarating setting, Furiosa mode, the Battista’s four electric motors and 1,877 combined horsepower launch the EV hypercar to 60 mph in just 1.79 seconds — a world record for a production car. Hitting 186 mph isn’t far behind — just 12 seconds. Combined with 300 miles of battery range, the Battista sets the standard for the next generation of performance.

Custom-made style

Pininfarina has been one of the most revered design houses in the world. Over the last 91 years, its designers have been responsible for some of the most iconic designs for Ferrari, Bentley, Maserati, Alfa Romeo and others. Now turning the attention on itself, the Battista is something truly special, especially since only 150 will be made.

Legendary car designer Pininfarina opens dealership in Utah

Each Battista is handcrafted in Cambiano, Italy, and takes more than 1,250 personalized hours of construction time. Part of that tailor-made approach is on the interior. Pininfarina uses only the finest, most modern materials in the Battista and it’s all customizable. In fact, there are over 128 million interior combinations available to clients when they place their order — an impressive display of the brand’s commitment to a truly bespoke experience. 

Legendary car designer Pininfarina opens dealership in Utah

Pininfarina’s service also promises to be world-class. Not only will Battista clients be cared for by Salt Lake City Motorcars, but the Battista will also receive over-the-air software updates no matter its location in the world. Additionally, Pininfarina has its own “flying doctor” on hand to offer personalized service and technical support. 

Electric future

The arrival of Pininfarina is historic, as is the performance of its EV hypercar, and Utah couldn’t be more ready for it. In our previous interview with Tom and Amy Buckley, Tom said that the response in Utah had “exceeded anything I could have imagined.” We expect that to continue with the presence of one of the world’s most respected automotive brands.

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