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Six decades ago U.K. automotive manufacturer Jaguar released the Jaguar E-Type. Since then, this iconic car has come to be regarded as one of the most beautiful and timeless designs in automotive history. With smooth, expertly sculpted lines, head-turning looks and the most advanced performance of its day, the E-Type has endured as a favorite for Jaguar enthusiasts and car lovers everywhere. 

Now, 60 years later, Jaguar is celebrating its E-Type heritage with the Jaguar F-Type Heritage 60 Edition. I was able to see and photograph this car in person, and its elegance and power are truly something to behold. I was also able to speak to a spokesperson from Jaguar Special Vehicles, who gave me some insider details as to why Jaguar wanted to build a special Heritage edition, and what buyers can expect from this ultra-rare ride.

What Makes the F-Type Heritage 60 Edition Special

“The Heritage 60 edition is an opportunity to celebrate the iconic E-Type’s 60th anniversary and showcase the capabilities of our SV Bespoke personalization team,” Jaguar’s spokesperson told me. With these goals in mind, it’s safe to say Jaguar knocked it out of the park. Its capabilities are showcased over and over again, and the original E-Type would certainly be flattered by the fanfare. 

The throwback styling is about as good an homage as you could ask for. According to a U.K. press release, the solid Sherwood Green paintwork is a specially curated commemorative aspect of the vehicle. This original E-Type color hasn’t been available on a new Jaguar since the 1960s. The extended dual color Caraway and Ebony Windsor leather trim in the interior isn’t usually available on the F-Type either, making this car a study in rarities.

The press release also lauds the efforts the Jaguar Bespoke team took in incorporating a special aluminum console finisher, which pays tribute to the E-Type’s unique rearview mirror casing. Other highlights include embossed E-Type 60th anniversary logos on the headrests, an SV Bespoke commissioning plaque, fine Caraway-edged carpet mats and commemorative Heritage 60 treadplates. In short, the Heritage 60 Edition is stunning, and the care taken by Jaguar SV Bespoke professionals is evident in every detail.

“The F-Type Heritage 60 Edition is a fantastic example of what the SV Bespoke team is capable of,” said Clare Hansen, Director of Vehicle Personalisation, Jaguar Special Vehicle Operations. “Marrying E-Type inspired detailing with new F-Type allowed us to immerse ourselves in the heritage of Jaguar’s legendary sports cars.” She credited their success in part to their unique access to original drawings, paint codes and reference materials. “Working hand-in-hand with our colleagues at Jaguar Classic, we’ve created a distinctive and highly collectible interpretation of the definitive Jaguar sports car.” 

Premium Performance

Sure, the Heritage 60 Edition is a looker, but it wasn’t made just for showing off in the park. This car likes to drive. Jaguar is keen on giving its collectors the best experience possible behind the wheel, so they decided to offer this car with a supercharged V8 engine. Based on the F-Type R, it’s also available with all-wheel-drive, and features revised dampers, anti-roll bars and rear suspension tweaks. Get behind the wheel and you can feel the power from Jaguar’s supercharged V8, which produces 575 horsepower and 516 pount-feet of torque, giving it a blistering 0-60 time of 3.5 seconds. 

Even better than its power might be the sound the supercharged V8 makes. If you haven’t had the pleasure of hearing one of these special engines, do yourself a favor and ask a representative at Jaguar Land Rover Lehi to start one up for you. I promise it’ll make your day. 

How the Heritage 60 Edition Stacks Up

OK, so this car’s got plenty of great features, but spending $100,000 on a sports car gets you into a lot of excellent cars. Porsches, Corvettes, Aston Martins and Mercedes-Benz AMGs are all comfortably within this price range, depending on the model and the year. So what sets the Heritage 60 Edition apart from its competition?

When I asked the Jaguar spokesperson this question, they emphasized the F-Type E R’s ability to be driven and enjoyed in daily life. “F-Type remains the sports car par excellence. Its combination of performance, desirability and utility means that you can experience the thrill of driving every day.”

And after spending some time with the Heritage 60 Edition, it’s easy to see why Jaguar makes this claim. The Heritage 60 Edition is beautiful without being over the top, comfortable enough for everyday driving and understated in all the right ways. This understated road presence appeals to a lot of buyers who are looking for a capable, stylish and nuanced performance vehicle that won’t land you a speeding ticket the second you leave the driveway. Such buyers will find the F-Type Heritage 60 Edition to be everything Jaguar intended it to be and more. 

Exclusive and Elusive

To call the Heritage 60 Edition exclusive is a bit of an understatement. With just 60 cars available globally and only seven available here in the States, anyone who ends up owning one of these will be part of a very lucky few. Someone in Utah could be among that fortunate group, though, because there’s a Heritage 60 Edition for sale right now on the showroom floor at Jaguar Land Rover Lehi. This unique beauty is waiting to be picked up by a local Jaguar enthusiast, so whether you’re in the market or just want to see a magnificent car, you won’t be sorry you took the trip to check it out. 

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