Utah’s exotic car scene has exploded in the last few years. What was just a few dozen exotic cars just a short time ago has ballooned to well over 200 in 2022. We now have some of the coolest, highest-performing cars in the world in our state, and Saturday, April 2nd you and your family can see them for free. 

On Saturday, April 2, 2022, Utah’s premier exotic car group, Need 2 Drive, hosted its third annual spring show. “Exotics at The Gateway” kicked off the spring driving season in style. Dozens of Lamborghinis, Ferraris, McLarens, Porsches, Hypercars, were on display in one place. 

Exotics at the Gateway April 2022

Telling Utah’s Car Stories

Four years ago, Ismael Utrilla and his friend Jawn made their shared dream a reality when they created their own exotic car group, Need 2 Drive. Growing up in Peru, Ismael could have never dreamed that someday he would find himself driving a Porsche 911 Turbo S, especially when only a decade ago he was driving a Toyota Corolla

Ish 2

Photo Credit: David Arellano | Daar_Creative

“Cars are more than just a vehicle,” said Ismael. “They’re an inspiration. They’re a motivation. They’re a way to get together with friends. That’s my favorite part, it’s not just the cars, it’s the friends and family they have brought into my life.” 

The Burlacher at a Supercar event in Utah

Photo Credit: Ismael Utrilla | Porschedriver801

Not to mention the satisfaction of watching a childhood dream come true through hard work and passion. Other supercar owners have echoed similar sentiments. Owners and groups like 118 Racing, Cory Chapman, The Burlacher and others have all noted that seeing incredible cars when they were young has been a driving force for them to succeed in their professional lives. 

Cory still remembers seeing a gold Countach in Jackson Hole when he was just years old and how much of an impression that experience made on him. He promised as a kid that he’d own a Lamborghini one day — he now owns two. 

Need 2 Drive’s Exotic Car Shows

Supercar Meetup in Utah

Photo Credit: Luis Garcia - Carz Culture Co.

It was two years ago that Need 2 Drive held their first exotic car show, and it was a completely spontaneous affair. “We just thought, let’s go park as many cool cars as we can in the City Creek parking lot. It was a huge hit, and only a week before everything shut down due to COVID,” said Ismael. 

Need II Drive's 1st car meetup at City Creek in Salt Lake City, UT.

Photo Credit: Luis Garcia - Carz Culture Co.

The impromptu meetup at City Creek drew in such a crowd, Ismael knew his spring show had to become an annual event. In 2021, the group held a massive exotic car show with over 1,500 attendees at Top Golf, and were determined to top even that this year. They contacted the folks at The Gateway in downtown Salt Lake City, who were only too happy to oblige. 

Need II Drive at Top Golf

Photo Credit: Kennedy Pitt

If you haven’t been to The Gateway lately, you’re missing out. New ownership has spruced the place up and brought in some amazing new restaurants and shops. It looks better than ever. It served as an awesome place to hang out, eat and look at supercars.

Need 2 Drive’s Mission to Inspire

As fun as the cars are, Need 2 Drive's primary motivation is about inspiring the next generation to work hard and to follow their dreams. 

“When I started out, it was all about getting the car and looking cool, but I quickly learned that what’s more fun is sharing the experience with people,” Cory Chapman said. “Of course, we love driving our cars, but seeing somebody else light up and get excited can be just as fun.”

A group of Supercars Gather in a parking lot

Photo Credit: Casey Thorpe

Before Need 2 Drive was founded, there weren’t many supercars on Utah roads. Need 2 Drive’s mission is to get those supercars out on the road where they belong, and inspire communities in Utah while they’re at it. With all those supercars out there on local roads, they’re hoping that the kids of Utah won't have to go far to find their inspiration. 

"We want kids to dream. But that dream can't start until they see the cars up close. That's why Need 2 Drive exists," said Ismael. 

For more information on Need 2 Drive or its events, follow @Need2DriveUtah on Instagram. You can also follow Ismael’s personal account, @PorscheDriver801

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