When you’re married to someone who’s obsessed with all things automotive, it’s easy to run out of gift ideas as the years go by. After all, how many air fresheners, steering wheel covers and cleaning products does a person need? KSL Cars has put together a gift list for car lovers to ease your holiday shopping woes.

These don’t just make great Christmas gifts for your husband — your car enthusiast brother, brother-in-law, uncle or any other grown man will appreciate them, too. Share this list with anyone who could use it!

Gear Shift Cufflinks

You can tell a lot about a guy from his cufflinks. These cufflinks will undeniably communicate that he’s a major gearhead. They’re simple, they’re inexpensive and the 6-speed gear shift design will be a hit.

Car Vacuum Cleaner

Car lovers are notorious for their meticulous attention to detail when it comes to caring for their vehicles. A car vacuum cleaner helps them stay on top of every wayward crumb and speck of dirt, thus keeping their blood pressure at a healthy level. This affordable, best-selling car vacuum from Amazon has nearly a quarter of a million reviews and a four-star rating.

Personalized Key Chain

A personalized key chain makes the perfect car accessory gift for your husband. Engrave his initials, a favorite quote or even an inside joke on a leather or metallic key chain, and it’s guaranteed to make him smile. 

Sun and Snow Shade

Show your spouse you truly love him with a sun and snow shade. You’ll spare his fingers from frostbite on those frigid mornings when he’d otherwise be scraping ice off the windshield. And when summertime rolls around, this will keep his car nice and cool, too. 

Driving Gloves

While you’re working on keeping those digits warm, add this one to your car enthusiast gift list: driving gloves. In addition to protecting their hands and preserving the steering wheel, these genuine leather driving gloves are also super stylish. 

Lego Car Kit

There’s a good chance that your husband never truly grew out of the Lego-loving phase of life, so giving him a Lego car kit will surely delight his inner child. Perhaps he’d enjoy constructing his own Ford F-150 Raptor. Or, if he’s a fan of the “Fast and the Furious” franchise, you might surprise him with Dom’s Dodge Charger. And you certainly can’t go wrong with this Lego DeLorean from “Back to the Future.” 

Mechanic’s Tool Kit

Every gearhead needs a suitable set of tools for all their tinkering needs. Odds are, your spouse’s collection is either old, rusty or missing a few pieces. This 142-piece mechanic’s tool kit from DeWalt is one of the most thoughtful (and useful) things you can give him. In case you need proof that it makes a good gift for your car-loving husband, just take a look at the reviews. 

Gift Cards

You’ve probably heard that experiences make the best gifts. But if you’re not sure exactly what your spouse wants or when his schedule is open to take a spin around the local racetrack, gift cards are a great option. Hint: Utah Motorsports Campus sells gift cards so your husband can decide exactly which driving experience he’d like to have and when.

A New (Or Used) Car

Surprising your spouse with a car on Christmas morning might feel like something that only happens in those picture-perfect holiday commercials — but don’t discount the idea. If your husband’s been dropping hints or eyeing something in particular, you may find a great deal on KSL Cars. Set up an alert for a specific listing and you might just land his dream car in time for Christmas.

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