Have a colleague who talks nonstop about their car? (Real or hoped for.) KSL Cars has a list of holiday gifts for coworkers that will make them feel as comfortable at their desk as they do in their garage.

Office Gear

Bring their love of cars into their cubicle with some vehicle-themed desk accessories. How about a stacked tires pen holder? Or a jack stand phone easel? Maybe a road mousepad. If they’re a real motorhead, opt for the V8 engine block business card holder. Almost as good as a car-shaped desk.


Maybe you can’t afford a real Lamborghini as a Christmas gift for your boss, but what about a die-cast model instead? If your coworker is crafty, give a model kit of their favorite vehicle so they can create the one of their dreams. For something more cerebral, find some magazine back issues with reviews and road tests of their dream car. Vintage promotional brochures or posters are fun, too. 

License Plate

A license plate from the state, year or decade of their birth is a unique gift idea for colleagues. A piece of artwork in itself, it’s something they can hang in their cubicle or home office. Or you could give a plate from where they were married or even their favorite vacation state.


Speaking of art, remember when cool car posters lined your bedroom wall? Bring it back, only a classier version. Get your coworker artwork of their favorite car, but this time in canvas or metal. Or try a cartoon rendering or even a digital GIF. It will give them a daily reminder of their pride and joy, even if they can’t afford the real thing.

Preparedness Kit

Inexpensive gifts for coworkers aren’t limited to kitsch. For just a few bucks, give a useful present — a glove box preparedness kit. Get a bag or a small tin (pick one up at a craft store) and fill it with the items you always seem to need.

  • Hand sanitizer
  • Bandages
  • Tissues
  • USB car charger
  • Mini flashlight
  • Sunglasses
  • Car registration and document holder
  • Tire pressure gauge

Air Freshener

Another useful gift? An air freshener. Since you don’t want to imply your coworker needs to clean his car — even if it’s true — skip the tiny cardboard trees. Instead, pick a whimsical version, such as one styled after a retro record player. It clips to the vent and spins around as you drive. Fun and practical.

Gas Card

For a simple, but much appreciated gift for colleagues, you can’t go wrong with a gas card. Most major gas stations offer gift cards, which can be used for fuel or snacks. Throw in a gift card to their favorite coffee shop or bakery — especially if it’s a place where they regularly stop on the morning commute.

Car Care Kit

Regular soap and old rags won’t suffice for a true car enthusiast. Show you understand their passion with a curated collection of car care items. Custom cleaning solutions, an ultimate car wash bucket or a detailing brush set will keep them happily scrubbing, shining and buffing. Wax on. Wax off. Wax on …


Keep your coworker safer on the commute with a dash-mounted smartphone holder. No more fumbling for the phone when it slips off the console. Are they chronically disorganized? Give them a spot to store all their stuff within easy reach with a car seat side organizer or a visor storage pouch.

Club Membership

Sure, they could join a country club. Even better? Belonging to a car enthusiast group or driving club. For example, theBMW Car Club of America has more than 500 member exclusive activities, from driving events at racetracks to cocktail receptions and dinners. Membership to the Acura NSX Club of America includes a subscription to a quarterly magazine.

Make yourself the star of the office with some spectacular holiday gifts for coworkers who love all things cars. Have car enthusiasts in your family? Check out ideas for all the road warriors in your life on the KSL Resources page.