Since the first retail transaction was completed online in 1994, the internet has transformed how people shop — whether for seasonal gifts or weekly groceries. The pandemic created even more demand for online shopping, especially in industries that historically relied more on in-person experiences. Auto dealerships embraced the evolving online market and focused on adding more purchase-focused functionality to virtual showrooms. But what about vehicles that are listed for sale by owner? KSL Confidence simplifies the purchase process with a suite of online services for buyers and private sellers.

Get Prequalified

First things first. You can’t buy a caviar-colored roadster on tuna-can of a car budget. And sellers don’t love inquiries from buyers who aren’t serious. Determine how much you can afford by getting prequalified before you start shopping.

Finance With KSL Confidence is a lending solution offered in conjunction with DealFi that helps buyers obtain the best financing option for their personal circumstances — without leaving the comfort of their own home. It only takes a few minutes to complete the online application, which consists of four easy sections. Your credit is pulled once and used to get prequalified with the most competitive rate from a network of reliable local lenders. 

Private sellers appreciate buyers who use Finance because there is no doubt that reliable funding is available. It establishes trust between private parties and expedites the purchase process.

Search Smarter

Once you’ve been preapproved for an auto loan, you can narrow your search on KSL Cars using specific filters, including Price Range, Seller Type and Location. You don’t have to drive 500 miles just to be the man who drove 500 miles to fall down at a Ford’s door … unless you want to. 

Vehicle Protection Plans

When you’re scrolling through the search results page on KSL Cars, you may notice that certain listings have the KSL Confidence logo (a blue ribbon with a checkmark) in the corner of the photo. This means the seller has added Protect With KSL Confidence to the listing. Protect is a vehicle protection plan purchased by the seller to cover unforeseen repairs for the buyer for 30 days after the sale. Say “buh-bye” to buyer’s remorse.


Can’t find the exact make and model you want on the search results page? Use Saved Searches and Alerts so you’re the first to see that Prius priced under $15,000. Alerts can be set on and delivered via email, while push notifications are possible using the KSL Classifieds app.

Contact the Seller

When adding listings on KSL Cars, sellers have the option to use Messages to communicate with others rather than making their personal contact info visible on the listing. Communications are limited to KSL Marketplace members with verified email addresses and sent through our secure platform. This feature is accessible anywhere you see the paper airplane icon on or within the KSL Classifieds app

Use Messages to quickly communicate with private sellers. Prewritten queries such as “Is this vehicle still available?” make it possible to send a question with a single tap or click. Or, craft your own body content with more specific questions. “Can I take that bodacious Beamer for a spin on Saturday at 2?” 

How to Buy a Car Online From a Private Seller on KSL Cars

If the seller hasn’t enabled Messages, you can still contact them using their preferred method on the listing.

Schedule a Test Drive

Yes, you can buy and finance a car online. But a virtual test drive isn’t recommended. You will need to put on some shoes and leave the house for this part of the purchase process.   

Finalize the Sale

Getting prequalified for an auto loan isn’t the same as actually originating the loan. Additional documentation is required to complete the vehicle financing process, all of which can be signed electronically.

KSL Confidence makes it easy to buy and finance a car online. But even if you’re paying cash, you can still use Document With KSL Confidence (coming soon) to prepare the paperwork necessary and complete your purchase, free of charge.


Take the guesswork out of buying a vehicle from a private party on KSL Cars. Use our suite of services — Finance, Protect and Document — to simplify the process and drive off into the sunset in the Solstice you set your Saved Search on.

KSL Confidence is rolling out in stages. Protect and Finance are available exclusively in Utah County at this time, but will be available in other geographic regions soon.