Most people are aware that new cars come with manufacturer warranties off the lot, but did you know that used cars can receive just as much (if not more) coverage, even when sold by private sellers? KSL Cars has partnered with a local company to create a vehicle protection program, Protect With KSL Confidence, that will be offered to KSL Cars users. With Protect, you can purchase extended protection on vehicles bought from a private seller. Selling a car? You can add Protect to your listing to give buyers more peace of mind! 

Vehicle protection programs like Protect are a great way to have added assurance while driving a used car, but what’s the difference between a vehicle protection program and a warranty? Find out what makes each one special and which option is best for you below. 

What Is a Manufacturer Warranty?

Warranties are provided by the manufacturer and are included in the cost of almost every new vehicle. It’s basically the manufacturer’s way of saying “We guarantee we built this car to last for a certain time without issue.” The time period is usually three years or 36,000 miles, whichever comes first. If anything goes wrong within that time period that’s covered by the warranty, the manufacturer will fix it for you.

What’s Covered?

Manufacturer warranties vary, but usually they cover the basics — mechanical issues, electrical problems, safety features not working properly, etc. A warranty may also include roadside assistance and routine maintenance. Some vehicles have powertrain warranties that cover the transmission and engine for a longer mileage or period of time. If you don’t have a powertrain warranty, your car is likely covered for the standard three years, 36,000 miles. 

What’s the Difference Between a Warranty and a Vehicle Protection Program?

What’s Not Covered

Since a manufacturer’s warranty includes the basics, what it doesn’t include is pretty much everything else. That means you’ll be on your own for any damage from accidents (even if they occur within the designated time frame) and any wear and tear issues, which usually occur after the warranty is up. So while your engine may be covered, your tires and your interior won’t be. 

What Is a Vehicle Protection Program?

Vehicle protection programs differ from warranties in that they don’t have to come from the manufacturer; they usually include different time frames or levels of coverage and they can be applied to new or used vehicles. You may also hear them referred to as “extended warranties” or “vehicle service contracts.” These terms mean essentially the same thing — you’re paying a certain amount to have your car covered for qualifying repairs and services. 

Drivers buy vehicle protection programs like Protect for the same reasons they would buy health or dental insurance; they know that they might not end up needing it, but if they do, they’ll be covered. If you experience issues with your new-to-you car, Protect is there to fix any problems that might not be covered by a manufacturer’s warranty. It’s a great solution if you have any anxiety about the uncertainties of private car sales. 

What’s Covered in Protect?

With Protect, buyers can choose different levels of coverage depending on the age and mileage of their vehicle. In all level of coverage they’ll receive:  


  • Qualifying repairs
  • 24-hour roadside assistance
  • Access to rental cars during repairs
  • Use of any certified mechanic you choose
  • Nationwide access to mechanics


Sellers can also add Protect to a listing in order make their listing stand out among the crowd. It could be the difference between making the sale or not! After all, when you add Protect to your listing, the new owner will receive: 


  • 30 days of coverage after purchase
  • Covered repairs up to $1,000
  • The opportunity to add their own preferred level of coverage

What’s Not Covered in Protect? 

Since your coverage is customizable, it’s all up to you! Consider the mileage and age of your vehicle when choosing which coverage is right for you. If it’s a relatively new car, you can probably get away with a lower level of coverage. If it’s seen some years, you might not want to take chances. No matter what you choose, the repairs and services offered by Protect are usually more comprehensive than those offered by the manufacturer warranty. 

Unlike a warranty, there are no age or mileage limitations on Protect (as long as you keep up with regularly scheduled maintenance). You can keep your coverage going as your car accrues miles, or drop to a lower level of coverage if you think you’ve bought a winner. 

Car ownership is full of surprises, but Protect can lessen the impact of those surprises and keep your car moving no matter what the road throws your way. Buy or sell a car with Protect on KSL Cars today


KSL Confidence is rolling out in stages. Protect and Finance are available exclusively in Utah County at this time, but will be available in other geographic regions soon.