Selling your used car on KSL Cars is fast and easy. Take a few pictures, write a few words and click a button, right? Yes ... but no. Putting a little axle grease into your listing will lubricate the wheels of the internet and get you more clicks. So get out the vacuum, wipe off that camera lens and start your listing.

Do Market Research

What is the worth of a Soul? According to the Bible, a soul is great in the eyes of God. According to Kelley Blue Book a 2016 Kia Soul is worth about $10,000. Good thing you did your research! Even a few minutes of investigation will give you a good idea about how much your car is worth, when to sell and where to sell. For example, it makes sense to list a convertible in the summer and your SUV with snow tires in the winter. A pickup may sell faster in rural farm country than in the city. Researching similar listings to your make and model on KSL Cars is a good place to start.

Give It a Makeover

Want to sell your car for more money? Give it a makeover. Put on your favorite life-affirming song like “The Boys Are Back in Town” and start prying coins out of the cup holders. Vacuum footwells and upholstery, wash the windows inside and out and give the hubcaps a little sparkle. One makeover montage later, your car will be unrecognizable (in a good way). For a deep clean, professional detailers will get it good as new for a few hundred dollars. However you do it, cleaning your car is very important for the next step. 

Take Good Pictures

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but in this case a picture could be worth a thousand dollars. Great photos are engaging to the buyer, persuading them to look at your listing over the competition. Photos allow you to represent your car in the best light so you really want to give it your best shot.

Make your listing picture-perfect

  • Don’t use stock photos
  • Wash and vacuum your vehicle before photographing it
  • Shoot photos right before sunrise or after sunset for the most flattering light
  • Include a ¾-angle exterior shot 
  • Include an interior view of the cabin
  • Include closeups of various parts, even those that aren’t in perfect condition
  • Optimize all images for mobile

Thoughtfully Write the Listing

If you were buying a car, what would you want to know? Keep this in mind as you are writing. A good, original description makes you sound competent and saves time answering individual questions from interested buyers. Try telling a few anecdotes about your car to pique interest and be sure to highlight your car's good qualities like low mileage and clean title. And of course, be honest about the little dent in the back from when you backed into a cement clown statue.

Personalize the description

  • Don’t copy the vehicle’s description from any source
  • Use a lifestyle pitch to communicate the benefits of technical specs
  • Tell the unique story of your vehicle — why you bought it, how you used it, why you’re selling it
  • Mention if a vehicle history report is included and/or if you have service records
  • List anything else included with the sale (transferable warranty, aftermarket accessories, etc.) 

Disclose Maintenance and Repairs

Your car might be a fixer-upper. That’s okay! Many buyers are looking for a fun garage project. Just disclose any work that needs to be done. Have all the maintenance and repair records ready for potential buyers to peruse. Letting buyers know the car's condition upfront will instill trust in any future transaction and might get you your asking price.    

Keep It Clean

We know it’s hard, but throw your cans of Watermelon Crush in a dumpster and not in your footwell, okay? Play your makeover montage song again if you need to be re-inspired. A clean car will impress potential buyers who will be test driving it until it sells. Consider buying a car wash pass and getting it washed regularly. Try neutralizing pet, smoke and food funk with a commercial cleaning product. Avoid clown statues at all costs.  

We hope you get your car spiffed up and ready to sell on KSL Cars, locals' beloved classifieds for cars, motorcycles, RVs and everything in between. Sell your car fast on KSL Cars.