At first glance, KSL Cars and the Facebook Marketplace cars category appear to be the same basic platform. Both offer free vehicle listings with optional paid upgrades. Both have similar search features and in-app messaging. A deeper look, however, reveals a few key differences that make the KSL Cars experience better than that of its national competitor. (No offense to The Zuck.)

Local awareness

Facebook boasts some impressive user numbers. But how many of those hundreds of millions of users in the U.S. are actually aware that they can buy or sell a vehicle using the same social network where they share vacation photos and pretend to be political pundits? Even if they are aware, how many of them are shopping for a vehicle in Utah, Idaho or Wyoming? The number gets smaller with each question. 

From St. George to Boise and everywhere in between, Mountain West residents know KSL Cars is the go-to source for auto sales — they’ve trusted it for decades. KSL Cars boasts more than 1 billion site visits annually and 736,748 monthly users. These people are part of your community. And we are actively growing our audience, creating more awareness through eye-catching outdoor advertisements and other avenues. 

3 Reasons KSL Cars Beats Facebook Marketplace

Enviable inventory

KSL Cars also has the widest selection of vehicles available in the Mountain West. That’s worthy of a thumbs up emoji, right? On any given day there’s an average of 59,619 SUVs, trucks, sedans, minivans and other vehicle listings on KSL Cars. Our inventory includes new and used vehicles listed by private sellers and dealerships. Facebook Marketplace only has cars and trucks for sale by owner or used inventory from dealers; listings for new vehicles are not allowed.

3 Reasons KSL Cars Beats Facebook Marketplace

Simplified transactions

Several services — each designed for smooth, simple sales — are available on KSL Cars. Sellers can add a vehicle protection program, Protect With KSL Confidence, to their listing to offset the cost of unforeseen repairs for the buyer. They can also obtain a CarFax report at a discounted rate or get an instant offer on their vehicle using KSL Cars Exchange.   

Buyers don’t have to shop around to find auto loans at competitive rates — Finance With KSL Confidence does that for them. And all of the paperwork needed to finalize the sale and transfer the title is available through Document With KSL Confidence

When you’re ready for a ride that fits your lifestyle better, sell your old one on KSL Cars and shop our selection of new and previously owned vehicles.