Time to switch your college commuter for a family SUV? If you’re buying a vehicle from a private seller through KSL Cars, you’ll likely need to register the car yourself. To do so, you’ll need to make a stop — either in person or online — with the Utah Division of Motor Vehicles. But before heading to the lobby of infinite lines, be sure you have all the required paperwork. KSL Cars explains how to transfer a car title in Utah.

What you’ll need

Once you purchase the vehicle, you’ll need the following documents to register the vehicle in your name.

Cost to transfer a title

The title transfer fee in Utah is $6. In addition, whenever you buy a vehicle you must then pay the state both a use and sales tax, based on your purchase price and the city/county where the transaction took place.

Registering a vehicle 

Every vehicle that is driven in Utah must have a Certificate of Title. When you purchase a car, the original title (or official duplicate title) must be signed by the seller — so don’t drive away without securing this document.

What to check on a title

When you receive the title, there are a few things you should verify.

  • Does the Vehicle Identification Number match the plate on the vehicle (located on the driver’s side dashboard and door jamb)
  • Is the odometer section filled in correctly? (Required if the vehicle is less than 20 years old.)
  • Has the seller signed the title?
  • Have previous lien holders signed to release the vehicle?
  • Is the purchase date correct?
  • Is the purchase price correct? (Taxes are based on this amount.)

Applying for a new title

With the old title in hand, you may now file for a new one. This can be done online or in person at a DMV office. If you want to apply in person, you will likely need to schedule an appointment online. 

Online registration

Providing the current title is registered in Utah, you can likely transfer the title using the state’s online application. You will need to upload the documents to start the process, then mail the originals to the DMV.

Utah State Tax Commission

Motor Vehicle Division

P.O. Box 30412

Salt Lake City, UT 84130

Once those documents are received, the new title, license plates and decals will be mailed to you.

How to transfer an out-of-state title

If you purchased your vehicle outside of Utah, you’ll need to apply for a new title in person at a DMV office. The required documents are the same as in-state car sales. A VIN verification is also required, but the safety inspection certificate is valid proof. 

Can I transfer a title without the original?

It is the seller’s responsibility to transfer the car title to the buyer. If they do not have the original, they must apply for a duplicate, which can then be signed over to the buyer. This can be done by filling out Form TC-123

If the seller has not fully paid for the vehicle, the title will be held by the lending institution. The seller will need to contact their lender about acquiring the title.

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